Baby Bouquets

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What are Baby Bouquets?

Baby bouquets are essentially a collection of baby clothing and accessories that are assembled to resemble a small flower bouquet. It's that simple! When completed they look simply divine, almost good enough to eat. The new parents can disassemble the bouquet and use all the items which may include a variety of baby items.

Common items you will find in Baby Bouquets

The baby bouquets are made up from baby clothes such as rompers, bodysuits, swing tops and other seasonal baby clothing. The wraps and blankets are used to hold all the items together firmly and then completed with a bow. Other great little items you will find within the bouquet include matching singlets, bibs, hats, face washers and accessories. They are available in both pink and blue tones and we also stock a unisex range.

My Baby Gifts stocks a great range of baby bouquets for boys and girls including unisex colours. Colourful baby bouquets have been around for many years now and although they all look similar, the items they stock are uniquely different. My Baby Gifts only uses quality baby clothing that is tested and meets Australian clothing standards. Our product range is constantly changing with the trends and we try to bring our customers the most unique baby gifts available on the marketplace. There are new baby bouquets being designed and introduced into our range on a constant basis - our customers have welcomed them as something new, innovative and refreshing.

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