About us

Just as the stork delivers the adorable newborns by surprise to our chimneys, the idea for My Baby Gifts fell into the minds of our creative staff.

Prior to specialising in baby gifts & hampers, we have had extensive experience in the Melbourne florist industry for over 25 years. A key element of the florist focused on floral arrangements to cater for mothers and newborns. You would struggle to find someone who would dislike receiving a bright, beautifully presented and fresh smelling bouquet of flowers. However our ongoing experience in the industry has shown us that there was a need for something more.

"I'm wanting to send a gift, but rather than flowers do you have anything that would be useful for a little longer?" A common request that we have heard countless times! It is from this that My Baby Gifts was born. We began to develop a range of baby gifts that not only looked just as amazing as our bouquets, but also offered the choice of a gift that would be useful for the mother and newborn.

My Baby Gifts was founded on the idea that our customers need to be given the choice of a variety of practical gifts, with the convenience of Australia wide delivery. Our wide and ever-growing selection of gifts, offers you a convenient way of sending gifts to your loved ones anywhere in Australia.

We love the work we do here and strive to offer our customers a range of baby gift hampers that look second to none. We aim to source only the finest baby clothing brands that Australia knows and bring unique seasonal trends to our customers year after year. If it's your first time shopping with us, you'll find here a list of frequently asked questions, a great place to start if you have any questions!

My Baby Gifts seeks to provide gifts that are practical, that look stunning and that are sure to be loved!