Soft Toys

Alimrose Betty Lamb Squeaker
Austin The Lion
Kate Koala Wooden Teether
Kelly Koala Wooden Teether
Kenzie the Unicorn
Sophia The Ballerina
Avery Giraffe by Baby Boo
Finley the Giraffe
Jamie the Fox

Jamie the Fox

Poodles the Puppy
Rollie Pollie Plush Toys
Sammi Horse by Baby Boo
Dream Baby Bear in Ivory
Dream Baby Bear in Pink
Elliott the Lion
Kate Finn Peach Stripes Horse
Kate Koala Comforter
Kelly Koala Comforter
Ruby Rabbit

Ruby Rabbit

Starbright Unicorn
Alimrose Trev The Koala
Alimrose Trudie The Koala
Betsy Bunny Huggie
Daisy Plush Rabbit with Tutu
Flopsy Comfort Blanket
Kelly Koala Huggie
Alimrose Betty Lamb 40cm
Large Blue Bear with Moet
Shop from our unique range of soft plush toys from some of Australias finest brands including Kate Finn, Maud N Lil, Jellycat and more. Our range of soft toys is constantly being updated with the latest designs & trends so be sure to check back soon.