Chocolates always make a great addition to any gift including new baby gifts! The family can enjoy them while they are celebrating the arrival of new bub with friends and relatives. The selection of chocolates in store are second to none, with some of Australia's finest chocolates on offer. Starting with Chocolatier Australia, this delectable range of chocolates is simply divine. Once you've had a taste for these it's hard to imagine life without them! The Indulgence packs come with a variety of flavours to choose from including chocolate mousse, Milk Salted Caramel, Tiramisu and Mini Mud cake just to name a few. You'll find this brand in stock in all the major department stores and major supermarkets as it's name has slowly grown over the years. The second range we stock is Bahen & Co which is also a great tasting chocolate, more rich in cacao than the Chocolatier brand for a uniquely different taste.