15 Places for Children & Toddlers in Melbourne

You can’t keep your precious little ones locked at home forever. At some point, you’ve got to let them explore the world. And you need a place that’s accommodating to their needs and interests.
So you’ve got to plan where to take your kids. You need a list of locations to visit for a variety of needs, such as:
- Entertainment.
- Exploring Nature.
- Education.
Below, we’ll list the best locations in Melbourne for each need. We welcome you to visit each place with your child. If your children find the place enjoyable, then you have a spot to frequent!

1 st - Entertainment.

For a baby, entertainment is simple. Give them a few toys, and watch them enjoy themselves. But for toddlers, you need to take it a step further. Toddlers are energetic, and they need a roomful of items for their play. Most of the entertainment areas mentioned are located near the South. The bayside is the Southern part of Melbourne. Being a natural beach relaxation spot, you’ll find most entertainment spots there. As you relax and unwind, you can drop your kid off at a safe play spot too! Some of the best places for that are.

(1) Carrum Beach Playground.

As implied from the name, it’s a sandpit for kids to play. It has nautical theme, matching the bayside environment well. The sandpit has your expected entertainment, like seesaws. The area is safe and relaxed. You can drop off your kids there, while you enjoy some time for yourself!

(2) LEGOLAND Discovery Center.

This specific playground is located indoors. If your child is a bit sensitive to outdoor environments, you can always visit this spot. Most people love LEGO. Especially kids who like to build stuff while play pretend. If you’re a LEGO fan yourself, you might enjoy this place as much as your kids.

(3) Play Central Port Melbourne.

Assuming your child doesn’t want LEGOs, this is a good option. This also is an indoor playhouse. But here, there’s a wider variety of toys for your child to enjoy. This place is also suitable for babies. Finally, if your child is of a school age, there’s a reading spot for them. You can simply drop them off, and have someone help them with homework!

(4) Box Hill Miniature Railway.

Let’s say your child likes cars and trains. You need a place where they can truly enjoy one. At Box Hill Miniature Railway, you get a train playground for children. It’s nice and safe version of a ground rollercoaster!

(5) Black Sapphire.

Location wise, this spot is an exception. This is a sandpit located in West Melbourne. To be specific, this sandpit is pirate themed. This sandpit has a slides, and a pram for children to explore a mini-ship matrix! If your child is adventurous and energetic, send them there. They’ll surely enjoy the experience!

2nd – Exploring Nature.

A lot of entertainment centers are located outdoors. Specifically, they are sandpits with good game structures. But sandpits aren’t enough. You want to expose your child to more of outer world. You want them to appreciate the wide world out there. You’ll get them to ask questions. And nothing develops a creative mind more than a child with a lot of questions.

(6) Collingwood Children’s Farm.

This spot is located north of Melbourne. No place speaks nature more than a farm. There, you child will be surrounded by greenery. But also, they get a little zoo experience. You get to see the lifestyle of farmers, raising goats and chickens, while milking cows. Your child gets to see a pace of life that’s slower than the city bustle. But admittedly, it’s also a good place for you to relax. The farm has a café, with a children menu. So you can enjoy food and drinks, with green scenery on the side! For more information visit the Collingwood Children's Farm.

(7) Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium.

Farms aside, there’s marine life to explore. This aquarium is located at the Docklands, which is to be expected for a marine life spot. Children aren’t used to marine life, and the aquarium will attract their interest. You can let them see fishes of all sizes and colors. You can let them watch for hours, learning what lies under the sea! Children under 3 years of age get free entry into the aquarium. So it’s a low cost method of hanging out with your child!

(8) Australian Gardens Cranbourne.

A garden with a lot of flora. This is located near the South of Melbourne. If you want pure greenery, with less animals, this is where you can head. It’s excellent for summer, where you have water works for your children to play in!

(9) Royal Botanic Garden – Children’s Garden.

Most residents know the Royal Botanic Garden. It’s one of Melbourne’s tourist attraction spots. It’s massive, and many adults go there for photos. But did you know that there’s a spot for children and families too? You can go there for a nice picnic. You can go there to have a fun time with your children. A nature spot that’s supportive of a picnic is a good place to spend the day. If you want, this can be aweekend spot for your family!

(10) Bundoora Park Farm.

This is another park farm, located to the North. This is a good additional option, if you want more farm variety. It has similar services to Collingwood Children’s Farm. You get to explore farm animals, and you also have a café next to playground! The playground is for kids of all age. It’s fenced off and safe for enjoyment!

3 rd – Education.

Education doesn’t have to school related. In fact, a lot of your child’s most valuable education comes from life experience. From the day your precious baby is born they are learning and living, fill their journey with opportunity. It comes from exploration. This is something you’re likely to get outdoors, but not indoors. Below is a list of 5 spots suitable for your child’s education. They’re not study centers specifically. They’re just areas to help expand your child’s awareness of the bigger world!

(11) State Library of Victoria – Play Pod Store.

Did you know that the library has a place that’s suitable for child creativity? The Play Pod Store is a spot with books and crafts for children. Your kid can either spend time reading, or making art! Do note that this isn’t exactly a place for babies. And it isn’t a place for little kindergarteners. If your child is of school age (but still a toddler), you can send them there. They’ll have fun relaxing from the stressful atmosphere of the city! View more information on the State Library Play Pod Store.

(12) Fire Services Museum.

OK, this one isn’t just for kids. It’s suitable for adults to visit too. But this museum is still in an excellent place for your child. Some children are natural tinkerers who love to mess endlessly with structures. This will be a particular eye opener, especially if your child enjoys Fireman Sam. You can expand their love of tinkering through the Fire Services Museum. Located in East Melbourne, your child will enjoy riding fire engines and checking memorabilia!

(13) Heidi Museum of Modern Art.

This is a special art museum for children. It is accommodating for children of all age groups. There is a special sessions for toddlers under 1.5 years of age. And there are sessions for children under 5! If you have more than 1 child, you now know a place suitable for both. You can book special sessions for each child, and leave them to make art!

(14) Baby Sensory Classes.

Education for babies has less to do with looks. And more to do with developing normal sensory functions. The best place to do so is at a baby sensory class. There, you’ll child’s visual and social skills will be improved with the help of specialists. Techniques used are based on scientific research. You can also take the time to learn from the specialists about improving your child’s experiences at home. Really, it is an educational place both for you and your child!

(15) Library at the Dock.

Introduce your kids to books as early as possible, reading and hearing your voice can be soothing and educational at all ages. Here, children enjoy both physical and digital education. The library contains interactive digital screens and carpets. They give an element of entertainment to your child’s education. The seating is comfortable. Your child can sit and enjoy the books in their hands for hours to come. If you truly want to develop your child’s love of reading and language, just send them to Library at Docks. Use the List to Plan Your Drop Offs. Some places are good for vacations. Others are best for everyday drop offs, while you head over to work. You’ll see that some act best as daycares. Those would be indoors, in a safe and comfortable environment. We recommend you take the time to explore each item on this list. Take your child to each location, and let them give you feedback. Places they like can be a location you frequent. But of course, there are places suitable for you both, giving you time to bond as a family!