Organic Baby Gifts

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The Difference in Choosing Organic versus Non-Organic

Organic baby gifts include clothing and accessories that are derived from materials organic in nature, meaning these materials are farmed and manufactured with little or no harmful external chemicals. With new born babies having such sensitive skin with little to no protection and harmful chemicals could potentially cause a rash. New parents are becoming increasingly more aware of the environment and their children's well being. Organic clothes are sourced from certified organic suppliers and manufacturers must pass stringent tests to ensure that not only the raw materials, but also the manufacturing process is organic. By definition, certified organic clothes do not necessarily resemble safer products, but rather products that are derived from materials that are organic in nature, with less processing and additives.

Organic Clothing Trade and Governing Bodies

There are governing bodies in Australia (see list here: Australian Organic Certified Bodies) that monitor the organic trade market and ensure it's integrity is being upheld. This will ensure that manufacturing processes such as dying and bleaching do not modify the original organic fibres. Above are some organically sourced clothes and organic baby washing products that are made available through certified Australian companies. Our organic baby clothing range is constantly changing and we aim to source only the best baby wear products on the marketplace.

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