Christening Gifts

A Christening is a special time in a child's life. I'ts the time when the child's family and Godparents come together to introduce the child into into the Christian family and also to cleanse them from the original sin. Christenings or Baptisms can take place early or even later in the youngsters life. When Godparents are selected for this momentous occasion it is usually custom for the Godparents to buy a piece of jewelry for the child. It's become custom for the child to also offer a gift to the Godparent also. The Godparents responsibility is to guide the youngster into the church and help them during their upbringing in the event something should happen to the parents.

Celebrating a Christening can happen in many ways. Some parents like to have the ceremony in church and others like to conduct the ceremony in a park or at their home. It's been custom for close relatives to send Christening gifts for the child during this special occasion and they can range from gift sets with clothes to jewelry and other keepsake gifts. Welcoming the child into the church plays a large role in the child's relationship with the church and is seen as the foremost important aspect of the youngsters introduction into Christianity.