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For over 80 years Marquise has been bringing only the finest in baby wear and accessories to Australian families. Known for its classic styles and luxury finishes, Marquise has been a trusted brand for many years and continues this tradition today in offering only the finest baby clothing on the marketplace. We get many grandmothers telling us they bought Marquise for their own children when they were young! This is a brand with rich & historic values that runs deep within families. A level of quality and commitment to customers that exceeds all expectations. Families for generations have been using Marquise as they know it is a brand they can trust for softness, quality and its great designs & features. We know you will love the new collections at Marquise.


Styling & Design Features

With each new season comes a new collection that is always stylish, modern and stands apart from the rest. Whether you like a more traditional style look or something a little more contemporary, there is a host of designs that you can choose from! The Marquise brand is know for showcasing a diverse range of collections for every season. From pretty polka dots to stripes and floral decals, there is something unique to choose from in every Marquise collection. A Marquise item is one that can be used today, tomorrow and kept for well into the future – it is a brand synonymous with durability and quality. Select from classic and fashion prints to make that little bub look smart and stylish! Marquise makes it easy to select a matching set of clothing and accessories that looks well and complements each other. Combining comfortable necklines and snap-lock buttons for an easier way dress little bub, is just some of the little things Marquise do to make life that so much simpler. Along with design elements and quality characteristics its also noted that Marquise clothing is has a soft, breathable fabric that is gentle on the little ones skin, with flat-lock seems that help avoid irritation of the babies skin. Using 100% quality cotton in all their garments, you can be sure what is inside your garment is just as important as outside.

Tested to Meet & Exceed Australian Standards

Our store specialises in stocking Australian brands that have been rigorously tested and scrutinised under Australian consumer protection laws. Marquise is no exception to this, with compliance to Australian standards and regulations ensuring all their clothing meets and exceeds government regulations.