Baby Boo

Baby Boo is a local Melbourne importer and distributor of fine plush toys and accessories for new babies and children. For years now, Baby Boo has been bringing local & Australian customers a unique range of plush that redefine the marketplace and set new standards.

The Baby Boo Range

Well known for their alphabet caterpillar range, Baby Boo also stocks a variety of other plush toys that are of a very high quality. They are uniquely different, individual with each having its own characteristics to make it a childhood toy that will stay with them forever. Plush of this caliber sets a standard for all other manufacturers and when purchasing a newborn baby gift it is important to find a brand that is safe, tested and certified. The Baby Boo team ensures that all products in each season undergo strict regulatory testing procedures to ensure they comply with the vigorous standards set upon the toy industry.

Plush Redefined

When we often think of plush toys we think of your typical pink and blue fluffy toys with curly hair. Baby Boo has stepped away from your typical styled plush toys and brings a refreshing range of unique designs that are inherently unique.