Shopping for the Perfect Baby Shower Gift

Updated: 04 November 2018
Author: Sandra Peterson

A baby is on the way! And you want to celebrate its arrival and welcome it into the world with gifts and goodies! A baby shower is the perfect opportunity to equip a mom-to-be with the best gifts that will make parenthood easier for her. Given below are ten practical and adorable baby shower gifts that you can present to new mothers.

Soft toys

Cliches are cliches for a reason. Toys are the most common gifts but they are a great way for a baby to learn about the world, especially basic concepts like shapes, sizes and colors. Soft toys, hand puppets and rattles are great gifts as they help babies recognize shapes and sounds. Look for soft toys that use non-toxic fabric and do not have any abrasive surfaces so that the baby can enjoy playing with it without getting hurt! My Baby Gifts has a great new range of gifts that are ideal for baby showers. Be sure to check the new baby gifts regularly as we bring in new stock with every coming season.

Bouncer seat

A bouncer seat is a versatile and useful piece of equipment that can be used to provide a safe place for the baby in the early days of development. The most basic models provide some amount of movement for the baby while some may play music, vibrate and provide storage space. Lightweight bouncer seats can even be used to bathe the baby by bringing it into the bathroom.

Baby Shower Gift Categories

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Play mat

A play mat might be the perfect gift for both parents and babies, as it not only keeps the baby engaged, but is also portable and washable! Most play mats can be set up practically anywhere, and it can include a number of interactive elements like dangling toys and many bright, contrasting colors. Play mats are perfect for young babies who are not crawling yet, and it helps keep them mesmerized and calm with interactive toys.

Infant clothes

Clothes should be the last thing that a new parent has to worry about, yet sometimes it does take a lot of effort to find the right clothes for an infant. Look for baby clothes that are the easiest to take off and put on, as it can be quite a struggle to dress a wiggling new born. Try and stay away from buttons and other small decorative items as they could be a chocking hazard.

Baby food blender

Baby food blenders make excellent gifts for parents who want to make their child's food at home instead of spending on commercial baby food. New born children will need to be fed pureed food before they develop milk teeth that can be used for table food. Baby food blenders now offer a wide variety of functions, and many of them are easy to use and maintain. More importantly, food blenders are useful even after an infant has outgrown pureed foods, and can be used by parents for preparing a variety of food items including pie dough, soups and hollandaise!

Strollers or baby carriers

Baby carriers and strollers are both great ways to increase the mobility of the parent, while ensuring that the baby is safe and comfortable. Baby strollers provide a safe cradle for the baby and allow the parent to use its ample storage space to keep diapers, toys, snacks and personal items. But remember that infants will nearly always prefer to be carried snugly by the parent instead of being kept in a stroller, in which case a baby carrier is a great option. Standard baby strollers, on the other hand, offer a much more practical and convenient way for parents to travel with their baby.

Baby car seat

If you know that the parents like to travel in their car, a baby car seat can be the perfect baby shower gift. Baby car seats are not only more comfortable for babies, but also provide much better protection, as standard protective systems in vehicles are designed for adults. Make sure that you choose the right baby car seat after reviewing its compatibility with the parent's vehicle. Make sure that it meets car safety standards.

Baby travel bags

Another vital piece of equipment for parents who would travel with their baby is a baby travel bag. These travel bags are designed to carry everything that is needed by a parent to take care of a toddler, including diapers, wipers, small bottles, toys, pacifiers, clothes, shoes, portable baby play mat, a first aid kit and much more. Some baby travel bags can also store baby carriers and collapsible strollers, offering the parents maximum convenience.

Books for babies

Reading to babies is a crucial part of their intellectual development as newborns learn new words and elements in the environment with more ease. Books for babies have bright, contrasting colors, large pictures, simple story lines and rhyming words to make them more attractive for infants. Some classic early readers with simple stories may be good investments as they can double as training material for children when they are learning to read.

Gifts for the mom-to-be

The soon-to-be mother is the focal point of a baby shower, so make sure you pamper her with thoughtful gifts that will make her journey as a new parent relatively easier. First time mothers will definitely appreciate gifts like a baby monitor which can allow them to keep a close watch on their infants even when they are not in the room, or not at home. You may even invest in spa certificates, dine-in certificates or a subscription to the local toy store or a movie rental service!

When choosing gifts for a baby shower, try and find out if the parents already own the items you are looking to purchase, as it is natural for new parents to invest in baby equipment much earlier than needed. If you are close friends with the new parents, you can help them with managing their newborn by offering to run errands or help around the house. Feel free to get creative with your gifts and you will get many words of thanks from the new parents!

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