Corona Virus Precautionary Measures into Effect

At My Baby Gifts we have taken some precautionary measures to ensure the safety of our customers & recipients

We are operating as per usual, with the only limitations being deliveries to Hospitals. Some hospitals are not accepting deliveries to patients anymore. We have heard that even partners who return to the ward after going outside are being refused entry. Please refrain from sending a baby gift to a hospital. This will avoid non essential visits by couriers. Delivery to the home/workplace is advisable. Drivers are following strict spacing guidelines whilst also practicing safe & sanitary handling of orders.

- Our staff are wearing latex gloves & masks whilst at work
- Our preparation tables are being sanitised twice a day
- Deliveries to homes will be left safely at the front door (signature not required)

We will follow this routine until further notice.

Please note that the stock we have on hand was designed and manufactured over 7 months ago, well before the COVID-19 outbreak occured.

With Thanks
The Staff @ My Baby Gifts